Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jesus paid the price

I was inspired today by a lady from California who was touched by Christ and deterred from Buddhism some 40 years ago.  She mentioned it was through Holy Hubert who told her about the price that Jesus Christ paid.

Today on the way to work I pondered that very price that Jesus paid in his suffering and bitter death of crucifixion. In the midst of it all I think of the public spectacle and the mocking that came forth before the crucifixion.

I think of the intent of His heart without hate or anger. The motive to give himself to die a horrible death without retaliation toward those who hurt, mocked, and bruised him. There was innocence without the guilt of sin.

God required the death of His son to redeem fallen man from rebellion and sin. The price was death by crucifixion. Jesus paid the price by giving himself as a lamb before the slaughter. The mental anguish. Distraught by human emotion without bitterness or envy toward those who decided beating, punishment, and public humiliation.

What a price Jesus paid! The offering of himself to Roman punishment. The offering of himself to Jewish hatred and animosity toward a man born in a manger who claimed Messiahship at the age of 30.

Much went on in God's plan for sinful man concerning the price that was paid. A price unto God Almighty for the redemption of fallen man. "Thank you Jesus", for giving this writer a way of escape from sin, rebellion, and disobedience to God...28 years ago. Thank you for allowing me to hear and be inspired by Mary's testimony. Thank you for re-kindling the fire of faith in my heart. Thank you for the best life anyone can have on this side of Heaven

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