Friday, August 8, 2014

Life-changing forgiveness

Life-changing forgiveness is spoken by God to a believer in Christ. Man hears and knows forgiveness. God lets one know that every sin is forgiven. A state of holiness is granted and a new life begins. Why? You were "put into" Christ by the Spirit of the living God. Power from above took you out of sin and put you into Christ - because God spoke. This baptism is performed by the Spirit of God just like God delivered Israel through the Red Sea.

Life-changing forgiveness will forsake sin and have a reason to forsake sin to live holy. When forgiveness is found God's pardon overwhelms the soul so much that you don't want to wrong God anymore. A new nature is born. A new character is created. A clean moral conscience allows the believer to make right and holy decisions. Christ centered decisions. Christ centered choices. Christ centered lifestyle.

Forgiveness is to be treasured above all things. Forgiveness is given to allow man to be holy and without blame before God in Christ. A forgiven heart is heart full of peace, joy, and righteousness in the Holy Spirit. Anyone can live and know every sin is forgiven. How? Christ is personally experienced and redemption cleanses the human soul. Many around the globe are taught to live in sin and ask forgiveness daily. What a tragedy! What a bad habit! What a misconception of life-changing forgiveness personally found in the redemptive work of Christ. Forgiveness is not blanket coverage to sin. Forgiveness doesn't entitle you to take for granted wronging God. Forgiveness is life-changing and manifests a life of obedience to Christ. Don't be deceived into thinking you get forgiven once and everything is OK down the road. Forgiveness is a present tense moral state of holiness and right living in the eyes of Christ. Without holiness in this life no man will see the Lord. Without forgiveness when you die no man will see Heaven. Don't kid yourself! You definitely aren't kidding God.

Forgiveness is a state of being. A forgiven life-style is not a life of unholiness or disobedience. Forgiveness is a present tense state of being and doesn't cover your future sin. Sin violates God Almighty like it did in the Fall of Adam. When sin is committed it must be forgiven by Christ. Why not be what God wants you to be. You have power to quit sinning. This tears down the trap of Theological barriers. Christ becomes the central focus on a daily basis. Christ is made your personal forgiveness on a daily basis. The reality of Christ becomes "present tense" in life-changing forgiveness. This kind of forgiveness keeps man from grieving the Spirit of God. Life-changing forgiveness is not given because you asked its given because you trust Christ for personal forgiveness. A forgiven life is a blessed life of holiness and must be maintained daily. A forgiven life is not a license to sin.

Your personal life-changing forgiveness is "present tense proof" a Savior lives.

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