Wednesday, January 1, 2014


A revived heart burns, lives, and testifies to the power of God through Christ. Revival is a work of the Holy Spirit in the human soul that helps man to realize who Christ is. Revival is for both sinner and saint alike. By stirring the inner man through preaching, revival helps any man to recognize and obey the presence of an invisible God. A revived heart enables Christ to remove the cloak of secret sin. Revival is an awakening… refreshing…or move of the Holy Ghost that stirs man to have a better consciousness of Christ. Revival is the Spirit’s work that convicts the world of sin and turns men from unrighteousness. Revival offers a better standard of life through the personality of Christ. Revival enlightens the heart of man to the revelation of Christ and His Spiritual body, the Church. Revival fortifies the faith of man through evidence given from the Holy Scriptures. Revival is a living and active move of the Spirit of God… within the human soul. Revival brings honor to Christ through Gospel preaching and the work of the ministry. A revivalist tells the lost world about Christ. Revival brings accountability to those who accept Christ for the forgiveness of sins. Revival shows man who he is in the presence of Christ. Revival ministers to human needs. Revival brings glory to a living Christ in the Throne Room. Revival roots and builds up members of the Body. Revival regenerates, sanctifies, and renews the human soul.

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