Friday, November 1, 2013

God answers prayer

Someone believed and trusted that God is God.

What seems impossible to man can be made possible by God.

The power of impossible is not based on the prayer of a person. The power of impossible comes from the one in whom, the person prayed to.  Subjection to God Almighty. Subject to the authority of Christ.  God recognizes the belief and trust in your heart. Your trust, your belief, and your subjection...brings answered prayer from God Almighty.

Remember the faith of Elijah - prayer for rain
Remember the prayer of faith - that heals the sick
Remember - The prayer of a righteous man avails much because man trusts Christ

Faith in Christ brings answers to prayer. Reason?
God promised healing in the suffering of Christ
God said he would.
God is God.
It is the Holy Scriptures
Let your requests be made known to God

God answers prayer. Someone believed. Someone trusted. Someone is subject to Christ. Jesus is the name above all names.

Faith in Christ brings answers to your prayers. Answered prayer has substance in your life.  God is concerned about you, your well being, and your witness to the lost. God answers prayer out of a - Father's love for His children.

God listens. God knows your heart. God understands your belief in Christ. The prayer of the righteous (God's children) availeth much. His eyes are on you. He watches over you and knows your need. He supplies because you believe and trust. You're in Christ. Your requests are not to big or to small...for God Almighty.

God answers prayer.

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