Monday, October 14, 2013

Christ is behind this ministry

It gives me great joy to see all the viewers "coming to this site" from around the globe. This site is a library of Bible Truth ordained by God...for you. Christ is behind this ministry.

Holy Hubert dedicated his whole life to this ministry. I have 25 years involved and have done it with joy. Today all of our work and ministry stands on the World Wide Web for easy access.

Jesus made a way for this Blog to reach hearts around the globe. Jesus reaches men and never gives up. We have videos, audios, and a complete library that offers and excellent system of Theology for anyone who desires to study the Bible.

Christ never gives up and neither does this ministry. Such and honor! Such a work! All for the glory of Christ. Thank you sharing Christ with us. Stay conscious to His presence and subject to His authority. He is behind your life and this ministry with power.

Churches on Trial

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