Monday, September 30, 2013

Learn the Bible at Churches on Trial

If you want to learn the Bible you can do it right here. We offer an excellent library that covers almost any subject in the Bible.

The Spirit of God will teach you. Our systematic library offers excellent format for anyone.

Out intent is to teach straight Bible for your edification and knowledge.  We teach people to get a clean heart from God which enables people to have a right walk with Christ.

The reality of being a Christian is having a clean heart. The hunger of a Christian is to learn the Bible. You can learn from this site as God has made a way for us to publish this material around the globe.

Before Brother Lindsey died I asked him about Bible knowledge and what benefit it is .He told me, "Scatter it". That was 10 years ago just before he died. Since that day God has opened doors and torn down obstacles for us to scatter this material around the world.

Christ is coming. Fortify your walk. Be ready! Learn the word and grow in Grace and knowledge. We're here for you - and the cause of Christ.

Writer and Pastor for Christ

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