Saturday, March 30, 2013

The nature of the Beast

God showed up! Victory in Jesus! The following Blog was prompted about an hour ago by my dear Brother Howard who is a trucker that encountered a homeless lady this morning in a truck stop where he had stopped to shower. She was huddled in a corner booth in a video setting with two sacks of belongings awaiting sunrise. Howard had and urge from the Spirit of God. Howard gave her what he had in pocket. She was touched, thanked Howard, and disappeared. After showering, He looked at the TV and a preacher was ministering Christ. He said to himself "way to go Howard you blessed someone". He was suddenly interrupted as God said to him, No Howard..."I blessed you".

The nature of the Beast

In the realm of a pleasure mad world outside of Christ there is a Beast that lurks and lives, and watches over people with a close eye. This Beast is "crazed with moral insanity". The nature of this Beast is witnessed around the globe in the lives of people who are void of Christ, without hope, and helpless to sin and self. This Beast I speak of grows as "we" await the Rapture of the Church. This Beast is gaining strength and power as it feeds on it's prey of those destitute and empty of the person of Christ. Our adversary the Devil nurtures this Beast with adultery, sexual immorality, greed, poverty, jealousy, drugs, alcohol and anything that causes people to remain empty and void of God's Holy Spirit. The nature of this Beast is ruthless and without compassion upon any human soul for any reason. The nature of this Beast will take a human life a child or the twinkling of and eye with no remorse. This Beast with no emotion will starve out and watch a hungry person do without while eating $5000.00 meals. The nature of this Beast has no feelings for anything, or any person, but I, me, or mine. The Devil, the Anti-Christ, the false prophet and all the powers of darkness from the pits of Hell are joined in fellowship with this great and terrible Beast. This Beast is religious. This Beast is political. This Beast works through economic conditions. This Beast is subtle. This Beast is haughty. This Beast lives within natural law, catastrophic conditions, the weather, or the deformity of a child. This Beast feeds principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. What is the nature of the Beast? Look around and you will see "the beast" as it forms and develops in these latter days.

Revelation 13:1...and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a Beast rise up out of the sea

 "Find Christ, today. Don't wait! Turn from the Beast and this present world crazed with wickedness. Take hold of Christ while He is near. Never let go of Him. Let Christ take hold of you. Christ is safety and help. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Christ is our hope. Christ is our Peace. Christ is our future. In Christ the wicked one touches you not! Beautiful way of life. Glory! He's alive! Happy Easter!

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