Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did you know?

The ministry and work of the Holy Spirit :

Convicts the unbeliever of sin
Makes Christ known in the heart of man
Seals those who trust Christ with an initial down payment
Regenerates those who repent and find forgiveness in the death of Savior
Baptizes believers into the body of Christ
Puts a moral witness into the heart of a believing soul
Leads and guides the child of God in righteousness
Sanctifies the saved believer from the still existing Old Adam
Makes intercession for the saints of God
Makes men witnesses for Christ
Holds back the AntiChrist until the Rapture of the Church

The above operations of the Spirit of God are just few of many reasons why Christ sent the Spirit of Truth into the world. Christ told the disciples before His ascension to Heaven that He would send "another" comforter. This Comforter, the Holy Spirit that Christ sent under the blessing of the New Testament...has an ongoing ministry and operation that "works" and is "made manifest" at present through the preaching of the Gospel message. The Gospel has power to morally change, deliver, forgive, and rid man of sin and unholiness. When the Gospel is preached the Holy Spirit is working on behalf of God. The Gospel is God's method of reaching sinners and extending enough mercy for unsaved men to "turn to Christ". The ministry and work of the Holy Spirit is "behind" the preaching of the Gospel with all power and authority. All for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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