Saturday, March 21, 2015

Holy Hubert preaching from his soapbox

It has been my pleasure to be a part of Hubert Lindsey's ministry, even 12 years since Brother Lindsey has went on to Heaven.  Hubert Lindsey was...

Born...May 21, 1914
Born of the Spirit...December 22, 1929
Sanctified Entire 1964
Went home to Christ...March 30, 2003
Brother Jim Denton passed this photo of Holy Hubert to me - worth posting. Notice the soapbox and diverse crowd.

Jim and I have been sharing Hubert Lindsey photos and Hubert Lindsey teaching ministry audios since we met 7- 8 years ago. This union between two brothers has implemented the continuation of Brother Lindsey's ministry for many years and we have much more to bring forth. 

All glory to Jesus who has made this fellowship around the globe, this ministry, and this Internet Library possible...for edification to the body of Christ.

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