Monday, January 14, 2013

The Adamic Nature...defined in a systematic theology and Internet library

God has opened doors the past 3 years for the subject the Adamic Nature to be taught in contrast to Christ, the supplier of our Salvation and Sanctification in the New Testament.

The simplified system of theology (below, taken from previous expositions) consists of links to the various aspects of the Adamic Nature; how the Adamic Nature effects man: how to get rid of the Adamic Nature; and renewal after the Adamic Nature is removed by the Grace of God. May this simplified systematic study on the Adamic Nature be a blessing to your life in Christ.

1.   What is the Adamic Nature?
2.   The human will: tainted with an Adamic Nature
3.   A man ruled by I, me, and mine
4.   The Devil's Prisonhouse...the Adamic Life
5.   The way of Cain, the son of Adam
6.   The distinction between the acts of sin and inherited sin 
7.   The Adamic Nature in Justification
8.   The Adamic Nature in Sanctification
9.   You don't have to let the Adamic Nature get the best of you
10. The Adamic Nature and how to get rid of it
11. God's method of getting rid of the (still existing) Old Adam
12. Death to self: the object of the believer in Christ
13. Human objective from the Biblical perspective
14. What does it mean to, "put off the Old Man?"
15. The Promise of my Father (pt. 1)
16. The Promise of my Father (pt. 2)
17. The purpose of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire
18. Complete freedom from the Adamic Nature
19. Renewal takes place "after" man is sanctified

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