Friday, December 7, 2012

Power of God

You can have the power of God in your heart and life everyday...through faith in Christ. Faith is not "blind-faith". Faith is in a person. That person is Christ...a resurrected Lord. The power of God can heal or forgive. This power I speak of is effective enough to morally change a man from the defeat of sin to the victory of holiness. Powerful enough to make losers... winners. Powerful enough to keep the Spirit present in your heart every day of your life. I speak from experience and Bible based truth. I am a winner because since Christ came in He takes care of Rick Roehm. He has never let me down. Was lost but now I'm found. His power is only given to those who believe and trust in Him. Will you trust Christ today? Where you can experience the life-changing power of God spoken of in the Bible? Blind eyes can not see the great truth of the power of God. With Christ this will become real to your heart and God said it would. Be a winner today. Put your faith in Christ our Savior and Redeemer.

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