Thursday, October 25, 2012

To further your Bible studies please review our archive

In honor of Hubert T. Lindsey (on this Blog) God has allowed us through the years to accumulate and archive priceless Biblical information for students of the Bible. The origin of this Blog was Brother Lindsey's ministry.

Google has allowed us to put Biblical subject matter into labels on the sidebar of the Blog which permits you to advance personal studies. A system on the Intenet has been developed to help people to learn the Bible in its proper context. The Churches on Trial is glad to help people from every walk of life around the globe to use our library as a learning tool for God.

Thank you for growing with us for the cause of Christ. May the name of Jesus and the reality of His power and presence be a way of life for you. Christianity is a clean heart and holy life. This message is the center of our Blog for Jesus. We have many audio messages archived on almost every subject in the Bible. If a Biblical subject is needed that is not archived on our home page please contact Rick Roehm at let me know about it. Learning the Bible is necessary to a great faith in Christ.

Hubert Lindsey's holiness messages are timeless and magnify Christ to the highest degree. Feel free to use this site for the glory of Christ and share it with others around the globe.

God Bless you all and thanks for stopping by in the name of Jesus.

With love,

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