Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gospel Preaching and Holiness Teaching...Hubert T. Lindsey

I'm glad to bring to you "new" Hubert Lindsey Gospel audio material for publication and edification of Christ, around the globe. These timeless holiness teachings recorded at the Church at Birmingham on cassette originally posted at sermon.net/holy contain a wealth of Biblical knowledge that needs to be publicized. Brother Jim Denton sent the  CD's  to me a few years ago...and recently Brother James Allen uploaded them to Sermon.net for your listening. In MP3 format these recordings are downloadable also. I have a few personal recordings from the Upper Room on sermon.net/holy also. Here's the link to about 30 new Hubert Lindsey Holiness preaching audios.

Brother Hubert Lindsey CD's/Audios/MP3's

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