Friday, August 3, 2012

Note from this Blog to our European Brethren

Stats indicate we are reaching the other side of planet Earth for the cause of Christ. Glory! I thank God for Google and the Internet. As for your participation? We appreciate sharing the Word of God with people around the globe..especially in Russia, Poland, Germany, etc. God's hand is in on this. Christ is the reason that doors are being opened. Out intent here is to magnify the person of Christ and to help others to "rightly divide" the Bible so that a solid foundation can be laid and built upon...until we meet Christ.

May the Lord bless you all for using our library as a learning tool for the furthance of Christ around the globe. Making disciples is much needed in the world of confusion, traditions of men, false doctrines, and errors being taught from the Holy Scriptures. God knows the needs and He will supply them according to His will for man.

Learn the Word in context and teach others the same. God bless you all.

With love,
Rick Roehm author of Blog,
Preacher of the Gospel
and...Servant for Christ

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