Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The truth and authenticity behind God's written Word

The authenticity of the Word of God can be disputed by the unlearned but not denied to be confirmed truth. History confirms such Biblical truth. Archeology confirms such Biblical truth. Geographics prove such Biblical truth. Even the preservation of God’s Word “since it was written” confirms such truth about the authenticity of the written word of God, for the redemption of earth and man.

Hundreds of prophecies about Jesus were recorded in the Torah (1st five books of the Old Testament considered to be the Law of Moses), and in the Prophets, and in the Psalms. These God sent and prophetic records were written for humanity, and confirmed, and fulfilled in the birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, exaltation, and prediction of Christ and His glorious return in the future. These oracles… of God written in the Bible were (given to men and recorded by men) and contain the past tense prophetic truth about Christ that was foretold by Prophets of God; present tense prophetic truth about Christ that history confirms; and the future tense prophetic truth about Christ that will happen regardless if men believe in Christ or not.

This kind of Biblical truth occurred in the past and unlearned men couldn’t alter it. Biblical Truth continues to occur now and man can’t alter it, and Biblical Truth will continue to occur in the future without any alteration by man. Truth about Christ was recorded in God’s Word at the Fall of Adam. Truth about Christ was documented through the pages of history, and truth about Christ was/is preserved now in the Bible. This undeniable truth about Christ was foretold and recorded hundreds even thousands of years before Christ came down from Heaven. Atheists are foolish and stubborn about this kind of knowledge. Agnostics are unlearned and lack knowledge about Christ. Truth and knowledge about God’s Word and Christ the promised Messiah are able to make unlearned men, foolish men, and lost men… “wise unto Salvation”.

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