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The Adamic Nature in Sanctification

There are many Biblical terms for the Adamic Nature such as the old man, the body of sin, the carnal mind, the flesh, the Law of sin and death, the natural man, etc. All of these Biblical expressions simply define the moral depravity of man. A man without redemption and man not controlled by the Spirit of God. A man whose will is controlled by sin.

How does the Adamic nature relate to a sinner? How does the Adamic Nature relate to the new born Christian and; how does the Adamic Nature relate to a sanctified man? These questions arise often but are taught and clarified within the contents of the Bible.

In past Blogs I have written about the Adamic Nature; the Adamic Nature in Justification; but never on the Adamic Nature in Sanctification. I'd like to take the liberty elaborate on that topic.

A sinful man is controlled by the Adamic Nature completely. Romans 7 proves that. A Justified man is a pardoned sinner that has received the new birth and a new nature. Romans 1-5 proves that. Justification does not deal with the Adamic Nature, only the past acts of sin. A sinner does not have freedom from the enslaved will to sin. Sin has dominion over man's will, man's actions, and man's character. Romans 1-5 deals with forgiveness, pardon, and Justification from sinful conduct.

A Justified man has a regenerated nature termed as a "Divine Nature" in the Bible. A Divine Nature is a God given power to do right greater than the inherited carnal nature that still exists in the Justified life. This is where Sanctification comes in. Sanctification is the act of God that "rids" a Justified man from the Adamic Nature (that still exists).

Justification and the Adamic Life

Justification makes the believer in Christ eligible to be Sanctified by the Spirit of God's baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire like on Pentecost. Holiness of heart begins in the Justified life. Man has to be holy first to be Sanctified.

Sanctification is the operation of God's Grace that removes the Adamic Nature from a Justified man. Sanctification is not a gradual separation from things of the world. Sanctification is the power of God that "destroys" the body of sin as taught in Romans 6.

Romans 1-5 deals with forgiveness from sin and Justification. The Adamic Nature cannot be forgiven because it is inherited sin. Romans 6 deals with how a Justified man can get rid of the Adamic Nature that is inherited from the fall of Adam. Self must be crucified so the Adamic Nature can be Sanctified. The Spirit of God leads the Justified man to "crucifixion of self". Sanctification by the Spirit of God occurs when self is taken out of the picture. Romans 6 teaches how to get rid of self and be Sanctified by the Spirit.

Romans 7 teaches how man is powerless to the Adamic Nature, especially to those who practice Law. Then sin is mentioned again in Roman's 8 but nothing is mentioned about the acts of sin, forgiveness, or Justification. All of this chapter (Roman's 8) points to complete deliverance from the sinful nature or Indwelling Sin. Being free from the Law of sin and death...not forgiven from sinful conduct.

Deliverance from the Adamic Nature is the object of Roman's 8. The Adamic Nature is the object of Roman's 7; Roman's 6 teaches how to get rid of the Adamic Life; and Roman's 1-5 deals with Justification from the acts of sin. All denominations will agree on Justification but many become divided on the operation of God's Sanctification that delivers man from Indwelling Sin or the Adamic Nature

The Adamic Nature, what it is, what the Scripture teaches about it, how to get rid of it, are doctrines necessary for the Bible students to learn. This type of knowledge is necessary in order to have a life of victory over self, ego, arrogance, high-mindedness, self-sufficiency, works, and self related things that cause hinderance between a "struggling believer" and a life in Christ. A struggle with self can lead back into a life of sin. A deliverance from self can be the path of a Sanctified life.

The magnitude and need for Christ is revealed when the Adamic Nature is taught. That's why I write about the Adamic Nature. Men need to learn they can have victory over the Adamic Life rather than defeat caused from it. The Roman Letter teaches such truth. There are two types of Christian: 1. One with and inner conflict between self and Christ 2. Dead to self and controlled by the Spirit with complete victory over the Adamic Life.

God showed me men can have complete victory over the Adamic Nature when they get Sanctified. That's why I give Christ all the glory when He leads a Justified man to Calvary. Then the object of a Christian is not forgiveness from sins of the past but death to the Old man that tried to wreck the Christian life with Christ. That's why Paul said I am dead with Christ and my life is hid with Christ in God. Crucified with Christ is the Biblical term. There is a life of victory over the Adamic Life...To Christ be the Glory!

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God Bless

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