Thursday, March 8, 2012

Please use our vast Biblical Library for the cause of now goes around the globe

This site, our library, the teachings, audios, and videos, etc. that are publicized at this site are for you. This site and Spirit led ministry now goes around the globe for the cause of Christ. Glory! We are an ongoing ministry that advocates teachings such as holiness of heart, Law and Grace, and New Testament Bible doctrine. Much of our teaching comes from, and is supported by the late Dr. Hubert Lindsey who left behind years of Theological and Ministerial teaching for the furtherance of the cause of Christ. We continue to post and support Brother Lindsey's teachings in our YouTube archive, labels in the sidebar of this site, and the systematic Blog archive on the left side of our homepage. If you want a System of Theology and want to learn the Bible in context use this site for your studies. It is built for God's people as our hearts are prepared for His soon return. We appreciate you stopping by and sharing the truth of God's Word with us. Use our library as a system for your Theological studies. May God's blessing of Grace and power be in your life. If you'd like to converse with me personally you can do so at:

Sincerely in Christ,
Rick Roehm
Author of the Churches on Trial

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