Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Adamic Nature and Justification

Justification/the new birth makes man an over-comer of the Adamic Nature on the inside; and an over-comer of temptation on the outside.

Justification channels God's Grace into the heart of a believer. The heart of a believer is made clean and holy.

Justification enables the believer in Christ to have victory over the Adamic Nature. How? The empowerment of God's Grace is greater than the inherited carnal nature. The divine nature is not equal to the carnal nature but greater according to God. God's Word confirms such truth in Saint John's Epistle...greater is He in you, than he that's in the world. Peter also confirmed such truth in his Second Epistle in chapter 1 stating how man escapes the corruption in the world when he is made a partaker of the divine nature.
Justification by Grace converts sinful men and makes them, over-comers to the Adamic Nature. Justification empowers the believer with enough of Christ to over-come temptations that are encountered in life.
Justification rids man from the guilt of the past and brings holiness into the human soul.
Justification makes the believer in Christ (not the sinner) eligible to be sanctified from the conflict caused from the still existing Adamic Nature. Sanctification rids man from the Adamic Nature.

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