Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All it takes is, “You and Him”

Christ’s mercy constantly reaches out as a result of His death and resurrection. Salvation and forgiveness for all sins of the past are between you and Christ. Christ’s presence, Christ’s authority, and Christ’s power is extended to those who recognize Who He is. Jesus is the Christ. The anointed one who came. The one who was promised and recorded in Old Testament records. The only Prophet of God who died and rose from the grave.

Christ is Khristos in Greek
Christ Christus in Latin
Christ is the English translation of the anointed one

You can take Christ out of Christmas…but you can’t take Christ out of existence.

Christ’s presence is now…everywhere. It doesn’t take two or more to reach Him. All it takes is, “You and Him”. Christ recognizes those who come to Him to find mercy and forgiveness. Christ is not partial He takes people as they are. He can forgive the worst criminal, “right on the spot”…and change that man’s life forever. Why? Because He is Jesus the Christ.

Don’t need three or more people. All it takes is “you and Him”…Christ is in the midst…Now. Christ is omnipresent. In a glimpse people can recognize who Christ is. In a glimpse Christ can forgive a believer for every sin committed in the past, right on the spot. Christ is the reason for Salvation and forgiveness.

Though this man (Christ) is preached the forgiveness of sins. No other man in the in the history of humanity had or could offer fallen man redemption, forgiveness, or Salvation to the human soul.

I speak of Christ who is omnipresent, who hears the prayer of repentance from the sinner. I speak of Christ who heals the sick. I speak of Christ who is alive now and everywhere present. I speak of Christ who sent His Holy Spirit to regenerate fallen man. Doesn’t take two or three to find Him. All it takes is you and Him.

Today…Under Grace…because of the Church, God’s Spiritual and universal body… anyone can tap in to the the presence of Christ. All they have to do is “believe in Christ”…who He is, what He did, and/or what He’s doing now, in the present tense. Doesn’t take two or three to find Him. All it takes is you and Him. Belief in Christ brings the Christian experience of Salvation, a clean heart, and a life of right living. Every sin is forgiven and you know it.

All it takes is you and Him.

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