Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A life of "certainty" and "trust" in Christ is a better life

The reason the Christian life is a better life is because you have Christ taking care of, "you". You are certain in your heart because Christ directs your steps and gives you peace about your actions and conduct. You are certain in your heart with joy and gladness because theWord of Truth from the Bible is confirmed in your life. The clear conscience by the Grace of God builds thisconfidence in Christ. No more condemnation from sin. No more agony of living a double life or living a life right in your own eyes. The heart is made holy, clean, and washed by your personal faith in what Christ did on the cross of Calvary. His power and character comes into your soul by faith and trust. By staying on God's side of life (right in His eyes) you can be happy and contented with a contentment the world can never offer. You are blessed and happy because of Christ. The Spirit of God is united with your spirit and you are happy in Jesus. A happiness never known before in life that comes from clean Christian living. This life that is a better life comes from the person of Christ. It is a better life because God takes those who were lost and without hope and gives them hope and security. What a fellowship! What a joy! He has made me glad and happy! He has blessed this writer; this writer's marriage: and this writer's ministry. Makes me want to go and have a picnic! 

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