Saturday, October 15, 2011

To our European Brethern...May the Lord Jesus richly bless you

Just a brief note. Thanks Europe for stopping by this site. We appreciate you coming here in the name of Jesus. The name above all names. This site dedicated to Holy Hubert Lindsey is now being published and ministered around the Globe. Our intent is to magnify Christ Jesus.

I have been lax in weeks past keeping this Blog updated. This is due to various things going in my life. Not to many things that Jesus is not first in my life. He is! Glory!

Anyway this ministry was started to spread knowledge about Bible and Christ...around the globe. Two types of knowledge. Intellectual or head knowledge; and experiential knowledge we get from the Spirit of God. This blog offers much preaching and teaching that edifies those who desire to know "more" about God's Word.

There are many Blogs and preaching audios to review here but I need to keep it refreshed often likewise. Also we would appreciate your Biblical comments or Biblical questions. Please keep in touch. Share our site with others. With love, may the Lord richly bless your life in Christ and your studies of the Bible.

Rick Roehm

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