Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Behind every sin...is rejection of Christ

Rejection of Jesus Christ? What causes rejection? Where does rejection come from? Does rejection come out of choice or is it a result of man's fallen nature? These questions arise...but what does God say about the subject of rejection of Christ? What does the Bible tell us?

As I write this Blog I think over and over again about how many people sin against God and wilfully reject the truth about Christ. I note that behind every sin is "rejection of a Savior". Sin and disobedience are products of the fallen nature of man. Sin is caused from man's natural rejection of Christ. The natural man is totally out of harmony with God because the nature and will are morally corrupt. Men are sinful by nature and compelled to sin and reject the truth about Christ. They are enslaved to unrighteousness...not by choice, but by nature. The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God as they are foolishness to him. Therefore God said these people are children of wrath.

We are told in the Bible that men are "willingly" ignorant. Wilful ignorance is natural rejection of Christ and sinful by nature. The action and character of man is controlled by sin. The conscience is smoothered by self justification that considers itself right when actually wrong in the eyes of God. Why? rejection of Christ. Rejection of Christ says, " I'm to young to get saved". Rejection of Christ says, "I'm not ready yet". Rejection of Christ says, "I'm a good person because I give to charity". Sin is based on man's rejection of Christ.

What kind of godly choice can an unsaved man really make in the eyes of God? An unsaved man can choose to do right and still do wrong in the eyes of God. The intent was right. The action was wrong because Christ was still rejected and there was no righteousness from God within the heart of man. Righteousness comes from Christ not from within a natural man. An unsaved man's decisions are altered likewise because of rejection of Christ. The choices and decisions of an unsaved man can appear to be right in the eyes of the human being... and still be wrong in the eyes of God. Why? rejection of Christ. The will is still tainted. The choices are still morally corrupt. Why? The nature is fallen and unregenerated. Without power from above. Without the power of God's Grace. Without Salvation of the human soul that comes through a Savior's forgiveness that flows from Calvary.

Sin is not essential in the child of God because the child of God accepts, trusts, and has assurance in the person of Christ. Behind obedience to God is faith and certainty in what Christ did and what He's doing now. There is no rejection in faith in Christ. There is no rejection in trust in Christ. There is not rejection in certainty that is placed in the person of Christ. Faith, trust, and certainty bring obedience to God and the inner work of Salvation into the human soul. Belief in Christ consumes rejection. Belief in Christ brings the Grace of God into the human soul. Belief in Christ staggers not. Belief in Christ doesn't waver like the waves of the sea. Belief allows obedience to flow from the power of Calvary granted to the human soul. The desire to sin is changed to a desire to do right. The choices of the saved man become godly choices. The decisions of the saved man become godly decisions. Ignorance becomes knowledge of what Christ did and what He's doing. A child God knows not to do wrong. He is accountable to God because He accepts what Christ did for him personally. He is no longer wilfully ignorant. He's changed by Grace. Morally right as a new creature...created by God. Old things passed away.

Jesus is the new way. Jesus is the new life. Jesus is the truth that gives us a way to "escape" the enslavement of sin. Has Jesus became real to you? Are you morally changed by the Grace of God? Does the Spirit of God control you? Acceptance, belief, and certainty in Christ. No more rejection. Sin doesn't live here any more. Obedient and right in the eyes of God. Christ made you that way. Glory! Isn't that beautiful? Behind this blessed life of holiness is a Savior who takes care of His family and meets their needs. Aren't you glad to be part of the family of God? Goodbye rejection, Hello Jesus.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God unto Salvation.

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