Friday, June 3, 2011

Hubert T. Lindsey, a voice for God for 75 years

As a voice for God, I also am honored to carry on this ministry for Christ, at present and for the past 24 years. This site (Churches on Trial) is now reaching people for Christ and teaching the Bible, around the world. Glory!  Brother Hubert T. Lindsey who inspired this writer to make this Internet site... preached Christ, recorded sermons, and impacted lives for Christ his whole life for 8o+ years on this side of Heaven. Hubert T. Lindsey a.k.a...Holy Hubert was and still is a voice for God today as a result of the Internet. Hubert Lindsey as a voice for God (and dear Brother in Christ) is worth mentioning and remembering. His voice still echoes Christ today in 2011. Hubert Lindsey is a major reason why I created this Blog site.

Hubert Lindsey preached Christ (thoroughly) around the United States for decades. He impacted lives and recorded sermons because he knew their worth in the future. He made radio broadcasts about the Bible because he knew the worth of his Biblical knowledge and witness for Christ. Today, a dear Brother (Jim Denton) and myself have hundreds of sermons recorded by Brother Lindsey that merit future publication. We both have endeavored for years to carry on this ministry. The voice of Hubert Lindsey needs to be heard around the world. His strong message about Christ, the Gospel, and vast amounts of Bible truth were recorded and preserved according to the will of God. Hubert knew this. Rick Roehm knows this, and anyone who finds the worth that stems from this vast Biblical Truth will learn and experience this for themselves.

Christ in the Throneroom is preparing hearts for His soon return. Holiness is the fruit of this message and ministry. Holiness was and is the object of Hubert Lindsey's ministry. The voice of God and the voice of men of God proclaims loudly, "Be ye holy as I am holy, thus sayeth the Lord". It takes backbone to preach holiness against an unholy world. Hubert Lindsey had Spirit filled backbone to pave the way. He had mercy, compassion, and love for humanity. Anyone will discover this fact when they hear the voice of Hubert Lindsey. Hubert Lindsey was a preacher, minister, teacher, evangelist, Theologian, Apostle, and called man of God. God used the voice of Hubert T. Lindsey for many decades. Check out his sermons at this site.

We offer preaching, teaching, radio broadcasts, Church services, and a complete Bible Theology for those whose desire to hear and learn the Word of God. Hubert Lindsey rightly divided the Word of God an laid foundations that stand for the long haul. Search this Blog site. Listen to the voice of Brother Hubert Lindsey. Allow God to minister truth and holiness to your heart and soul.  God Bless and thanks for stopping by the Churches on Trial Blog that God used Google to publish for the cause of Christ. For easy access try the link below some good sound Bible study.

Hubert Lindsey's voice for God

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