Monday, May 9, 2011

Has Jesus became real to you?

The reality of Jesus is how Jesus morally changes the believing heart. Man's initial change first begins when forgiveness is found through the power of God's Grace. Forgiveness is an experience that flows from Calvary into the believing heart. The reality of forgiveness is a conscience freed from the guilt of sin. Only the Grace of God can free the human conscience from the guilt of sin. This is the "real" blessing of God's Grace found through and acceptance of Christ as Saviour and Redeemer. It's a blessing that offers true contentment and peace to the human soul that can be found from no other source within humanity. It's a blessing that's only found when Jesus becomes real to you. You can know every sin has been forgiven when Jesus becomes real in your heart and life. Jesus has power to cleanse the heart of fallen man from sin. Jesus is real as His merciful hand reaches out to humanity. Has Jesus became real to you? Make sure He has. You can know every sin is forgiven. You can know you are in rightstanding with God at all times. All it takes is a clean heart that is cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Has Jesus became real to you?


  1. Amen i been thinking of the power all week eph 4:21-24

  2. Keep Christ in memory
    Allow the Spirit of God to have "full sway"
    Trust God for everything....

    You're a blessed man! There is no failure in Christ! Let your joy be full!