Thursday, September 21, 2017

Holy Hubert Lindsey died in 2003, but his ministry still lives at present

This writer had the privilege to tell Brother Lindsey before he died this ministry would be long as I live. God's Grace has made a way. We are now taking this preaching and teaching material around the globe via Internet. I have noticed there are people around the globe who are enjoying and learning from the posts and material we have published in past years.

There are unlimited amounts of Biblical knowledge contained within the contents of this Blog. Dig into it! Surf around! Listen to the sermons and teachings. Read the Blogs! Build your theology! We encourage you all to use this site for the cause of Christ. We have published this material for the cause of Christ and the Salvation of souls. Brother Lindsey recorded his material for the cause of Christ. I have posted this stuff for the cause of Christ. At the Churches on Trial we are serious about your Salvation and learning the Bible in its proper context.

Share this site with others. Put it in your favorites. Tell others about it! We're here for you. Brother Lindsey's ministry for Christ still lives! Find out for yourself. Thanks for stopping by the Churches on Trial. We love you and appreciate your support. Rick Roehm author of the Churches on Trial blog.

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