Monday, January 3, 2011

Where Flowers Grow

Under the grave
No flowers grow
Within the heart
No love dost know

Above the earth
Sunlight abides
Reach out and choose
His arms are wide

I could not choose
For I was dead
Sins, trespasses
Lay o'er my head

Layers of sin
Around did coil
Til thrusting Word
Dug up the soil

Forgiveness rained
Upon my soul
Lifting me from
Death's darkened hole

He covered me
In purest white
Redeeming blood
Of darkest night

Breathed into me
His Spirit's light
Opened my eyes
And gave me sight

Above the grave
Where flowers grow
Within my heart
Thy love I know

...a Christian poem made Christmas Day December 25, rosehorseblue from

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