Thursday, July 10, 2014

Updated - Holy Hubert Lindsey MP3's

When Brother Lindsey was alive during the late 80's God used him to record a series of teaching audios (included in a list below). Since Brother Lindsey passed away I have endeavored for 13 years to keep this ministry alive to the publicize Brother Lindsey's Spirit filled teachings.

In 1997-1999 I transposed these teachings from audio cassette and put them onto CD format. This gesture preserved the priceless teachings of Brother Hubert Lindsey which since has continued this ministry to continue up to date. In the last few years of technological leaps and bounds God has opened doors for this ministry to continue going out to people via Internet around the globe. In this process of ministering God's Word to the human family we have been able to upload most of these teachings via audio/video onto Google, Wordpress, Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks. God is behind this ministry as we are going places now!

At the following links below we have an archive of MP3 audios available for your personal use to broaden knowledge and grow your personal faith in God's Word. May the power of God's Grace keep you as you grow in the Grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of Brother Hubert Lindsey (also know as Holy Hubert Lindsey).

Here are link's to obtain MP3's for future study, upload, download, e-mail, and/or sharing, if need be.

Hubert Lindsey - Sermon net archive

Here is the list of 50+ audio's Brother Lindsey recorded to support his ministry and further the Gospel that he preached in his latter years. These 50 audios were recorded onto audio cassette at the Church at Birmingham where Brother Lindsey pastored from 1987-1990. I remind you Brother Lindsey recorded these teachings from memory while he was pastor at the Church At Birmingham.

I have taken the liberty to link many of these audio/videos on this list for your quick reference. There is a complete and well rounded System of Theology included in these audios of vast knowledge for every student of the Bible. I personally advocate this God sent teaching that God has allowed us to re-record, preserve, and publish in these past years. This endeavor has blessed my life and personal ministry for Christ, as I have trusted God, trusted Brother Lindsey, and studied these great teachings, indepth for the past 24 years. May this valuable and vast amount of teaching bless your life as much as it has this preacher.

Many links below and many more coming!

God's Theocracy 6 CD's
1. God's Theocracy before man
2. God's Theocracy in creation
3. God's Theocracy in Israel
4. God's Theocracy in the Kingdom
5. God's Theocracy in the Church
6. God's Theocracy in the Millennium

Healing Series (6 CD’s)
1. The Genesis of healing
2. Healing during the Law of Moses
3. Healing in the Kingdom
4. Healing in Redemption
5. Healing in the World
6. Healing in the Church

Church Government (4 CD's)

1. Apostles
2. Bishops
3. Elders
4. Women

New Testament Church

You who are called
Gifted men from the Throneroom
Miracles from the Throneroom

Commentary on James (6 CD's)
1. James (1)
2. James (2)
3. James (3)
4. James (4)
5. James (5)
6. James (6)

Commentary on Water Baptism (4 CD's)

Water Baptism (1)
Water Baptism (2)
Water Baptism (3)
Water Baptism (4)

Born of water

Original Sin and Doubt
Law and Grace
Eternal Security
Carnal Christians
Women and Angels

Divine Wisdom, Human Wisdom

Body of death (Romans chapter 7)

Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire
Speaking in tongues (1 of 2)
Speaking in tongues (2 of 2)

(End Times teachings below in Systematic order:)
The final hour of deception
The Rapture
Joel's Prophecy
Babylonian Religion
A glimpse of Hell

Daniel's seventy week Prophecy
The second Exodus
Ashes of a Red Heifer
Matthew 24
Wrath of the Lamb

Satan's Kingdom falls

Full Gospel Businessmen Convention, 1990

Jesus, the greatest Father


  1. This is perhaps the greatest audio library out there. Thank you for making it available.

  2. Thanks for making all this available to the public. May God continue to bless his gospel through you.. A-men