Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A testimony of the Grace of God from Ireland

As all of you know this Blogsite, Brother Hubert Lindsey, and this writer all magnify the Grace of God above all things. We teach the victory of living under Grace and not the bondage of living under the Law. Recently I wrote and published a Blog at titled,

Man struggled to keep the Law of Moses. Calvary took away that struggle

You may read it at the above link if you wish. It was a nice Blog that magnified the Grace of God. A dear sister in the Lord "Bethy" from Ireland was touched by the Blog and made the following comment. With her permission I felt the urgency to publish this beautiful comment that magnified a touch of God's Grace. So, I'm posting her comment at this Blog. May all of you be blessed by this beautiful testimony by Bethy, from Ireland.

When I waken in the morning I do not have to wonder how I will keep the law so as to keep close to Christ. I no longer have to fret over every thought in my head, and wonder if that thought is the one that will damn me forever.

I don't have to work at making myself acceptable to God, for through His Grace I am acceptable to Him in Christ. To me that is the big difference in living under the law and living under grace.
I look at my own life and realise that under the law I could never have become acceptable to this Holy and Merciful God. For the law only highlights my failings and my shortcomings.

May God bless you as you tell others of the Grace of God, for in understanding grace we can understand more our need for it.

Oh the love that
Drew salvation's plan,
Oh the grace that
Brought it down to man,
Oh the mighty gulf
That God did span
At calvary.

The more I understand His grace, the deeper I fall in Love with Him. The more I understand this grace, the more I cannot fathom Why he would love me as he does.. Yet he does and its all because of grace.

(Beth tiddles off singing Amazing grace how sweet the sound)

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