Monday, October 4, 2010

Hubert Lindsey's Gospel message is still lives today

As I continue to gather information about Brother Lindsey (the walking Bible) to publish on this Blog I keep running into so many people who were effected by his ministry across this nation. The phenomenal thing is hearing about the "fruit" that was produced by the Gospel that Brother Lindsey preached!

So few people today hardly know that Brother Lindsey was a man who lived a life dedicated to Christ and a life dedicated to winning people to Christ. He taught Bible truth about holiness of heart and conduct and he proved it by his love for humanity. Brother Lindsey loved humanity and wasn't partial to sex, race, social status, titles, or man's position in the world. Brother Lindsey just preached Christ and lived for Christ. He dealt specifically with every walk of life.

Holiness of heart and conduct was the core of Brother Lindsey's ministry because holiness produces love, humility, and compassion. Granted Brother Lindsey had confrontations with the unsaved but his primary message was the Gospel of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ that got people saved. Yes, He preached the "turn or burn" message but he also loved the sinner. He just hated sin and found no excuse for sin in the life of a Christian. He knew the harm that sin caused in a sinful mans life. Yes, Brother Lindsey did condemn sin because he loved righteousness. Did you know God condemns sin? Think about how the Holy Spirit "reproves" the negative side of life.

Countless testimonies from 40 years back still continue come forth and edify the Christ that Brother Lindsey preached. Countless testimonies continue to come forth from the Churches of Trial Radio broadcast in Detroit of which I base this Blog on. Yes, the Christ that Brother Lindsey preached got a hold on Rick Roehm also! I'm thankful for it too! I've been dedicated to this ministry for 24 years...with joy and gladness! It has meaning to me because God used Brother Lindsey to bring the Gospel to this writer. That's why I write and encourage others. Today I am honored to say this Blog is going around the world for Christ. God is behind it! Glory!

The intent of this ministry and this Blog is not to put Brother Lindsey on a pedestal as a man, but simply to magnify the Christ he preached. To keep the ministry alive! To carry on what Brother Lindsey started! That's the intent of this Blog! To carry on a ministry that was left behind on audio and to continue the rich Bible doctrine that he acquired in his 72 years in the ministry. I encourage any of you to study the teachings that Brother Lindsey put into audio format. They will give any of you an excellent foundation in the Bible and build a faith that will last for the long haul.

Please review the audios at this site and . There are many by Hubert Lindsey. I recommend God's Theocracy (6 audios) ; Born of Water; and The walk of a believer.

There are many more audios coming this Winter! This ministry is my life also. I have gospel tracts available also that will coincide with everything that Brother Lindsey taught. Just contact me and I'll send. There are 14 tracts available. I recommend the one on Law and Grace.

Also I have put a link to another site where I publish my Statement of Faith at the Upper Room which is the Church I built and pastor in Williamsburg Ohio.

Statement of Faith

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