Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christ is behind this Blog...it's going around the world

Brother Lindsey (Holy Hubert) wanted this message to be scattered everywhere in the world. The Internet has provided a means for us to carry this Gospel to all of you. I thank God in Christ we have enough teaching to scatter this Gospel around the world. Brother Lindsey left it behind for us. He left us a format. He left us an example. He left us his preaching.

Thank all of you for coming to this site. Thank you for sharing the Christ we preach and give ourselves to for the cause of Salvation and holiness. Spread the word. Make this site known as it glorifies the Christ that saves and cleanses our souls. We have guidelines... its called living holy. Tell everybody about our site. We have much new Hubert Lindsey material coming. We have much here already. Learn it and apply it to your life!

Thanks for stopping by! We love you! Christ is behind us with power and glory! Blessed by His Holy name.

Rick Roehm the author of this Blog...on behalf of Brother Hubert Lindsey

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