Friday, September 3, 2010

We're here to make Hubert Lindsey's faithful teachings known

This Blog was started about a year and half ago. It was created to carry on a ministry that Brother Lindsey started many years ago for the cause of Christ. Churches on Trial was originally a radio broadcast in Detroit that allowed Brother Lindsey airtime to answer Biblical Questions that were called in.

I recorded a few of these radio shows and posted them on the left side of this Blog under Hubert Lindsey audios. There are other teaching recordings also that offer much learning for those who enjoy studying the Bible.

I have kept the name of Hubert T. Lindsey (Holy Hubert) alive not to glorify the man, only to glorify the presence of Christ behind that man. Hubert Lindsey reached the hearts and lives of so many people around this nation for 6o years. That legacy must live as the people still live that were effected by Brother Lindsey's ministry.

Hubert Lindsey was not only an evangelist, he was also a teacher of God's Word that clarified the knowledge of the Bible and made it simple enough for a child to understand. I have endeavored to keep that ministry alive, out of committment to God and to Brother Lindsey.

For the past months I have been slack in keeping up this Blog and been writing on other Blogs. I am asking for your input. Perhaps you have a writing or testimony that relates to this ministry or the ministry of Brother Lindsey. Contact me and we'll consider posting it! Our desire is to carry on a ministry that Brother Lindsey left behind.

As time allows there will be new audios and videos coming this fall. We need your visitation and perhaps you can pass us on to someone else that may need to learn more about God's Word. That is our desire. Please stay in touch! Much more to come. Take it to the West Coast where Hubert Lindsey touched lives with Christ 40 years ago.

Thanks for stopping by.

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