Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Hubert Lindsey legacy lives...around the world...not just Berkeley

For 24 years I have endeavored to keep Brother Lindsey's teachings and ministry alive. The Lord is behind it now and gaining momentum! Brother Jimmie Allen has just recently got many of our audio/videos on You tube also. We're going places! God's opening doors. Now people can see and hear the Spirit of Christ behind the man, Hubert Lindsey across the nation. This Blog is actually going around the Globe now. Around the world ...not just the U.S. only but...Russia, Denmark, Singapore, Canada, Columbia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan...etc. Hubert wanted this stuff out there! He asked me to scatter it! It's going now! It's being scattered! God knows what is needed.

When I originally received this audio material (after Brother Lindsey's Berkeley days) I realized why he preserved and recorded this stuff on audio cassette. I began my quest to transpose these ancient audio cassettes to CD format and sent them by the hundreds around the nation. Daunting task but very rewarding for the cause of Christ! I only have a small quantity transposed to CD as I still have hundreds that need to be converted in the future. Anyway I was able after the conversion to begin the Internet uploading process that has began to tell the world about the Christ behind Hubert Lindsey. The Churches of Trial has allowed this to happen! Glory! Much farther to go! God is behind us every step of the way! Holiness is the core of this ministry!

You see Hubert Lindsey was a man, and a street preacher...but his quest was to get people to Christ...and then to show them how to maintain their Salvation after the new birth. Many do not know the depth of what Brother Lindsey taught so that's why God is using this ministry to bring that knowledge to light. It is the Bible Truth that we are publicizing at this Blog as it foundates people to endure. God is using this Blog, this ministry, these audios, this Bible Truth, the preserved audio ministry of Holy Hubert not only to get people saved...but to fortify their walk with Christ in this present evil world.

Stick with us and there is much, much more to come. Please review all of the audios/videos we have posted on this site. It can actually be a Theological source that will take the confusion out of your life. Don't forget we are also on,, Tangle (menofthestreet), and now YouTube. Just Google Hubert Lindsey! God Bless and we love you all. Much, much more to come.

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