Thursday, August 19, 2010

The life of contentment is only found in Christ Jesus

I remember 23 years ago when I had that terrible void in my life. That void was an emptiness and fear that no pleasure in life could satisfy. I was miserable man deceived by sin. My intellect told me there was something out there I needed. I didn't know it was Christ. That's how foolish I was. My soul yearned and longed for something and I didn't even know what it was. I was so empty and so void of God. One night (after a drug binge) I cried out because I didn't know God and I pleaded within myself asking, "What else is there? What am I missing?" I was so empty! So void and so without Christ. Nothing could give me peace or satisfy this hungry soul. Nothing could give me contentment. My soul was yearning. I was ignorant, my heart was dirty, I lived a dirty life, and I was blinded by drugs and alcohol consumption. Contentment was something my heart yearned for. Contentment was something I could never find without God. God was revealing Himself but I didn't realize it. The heart was hardened to God's presence. The soul was empty. There was an eternal guilt and condemnation in Rick Roehm's life.

Then Christ came into this heart. Christ took away the void and emptiness that Rick Roehm experienced for 33 years. A new heart was received from the Spirit of Holiness. A new life was established according to God's standard of living. God showed me that those lost years of emptiness and void were only years without a Saviour's power and presence in my heart. Those were years without forgiveness for my sins that only be found through the shed blood of Christ at Calvary. They were years without obedience and right living given from my faith in the person of Christ. God showed me what hopelessness and helplessness really was. I could have never described peace... because I was a man so miserable. I was so lost and undone.. but then I found my Saviour. I found out what Salvation is. I found out what Salvation does. I found out that only the person of Christ filled the void in a lost soul's life.

After Christ came in...I was no longer empty and confused. I dared not cry out to myself because God was now there for me. I realized that its Christ that meets every need in my life. Christ gave me peace with God and showed me how to live right and do right. His Word of Truth became something I desired to learn and live. The Bible's holy standard became this writers holy standard. The Spirit filled me. The Holy Spirit's standard in my heart and life proved to be in one accord with truth of the New Testament records. Glory! I get happy just thinking about the Christian life! Christ restored my marriage. I became a man of God, a father to my children, and a son. I built a Church to do His service. I would never go back to the Old life. I glorify His holy name because I do not have a void or emptiness anymore. I am filled! Filled with His Spirit of Holiness! Glory! That's why I write. That's why I preach! That's why I'm content. I have it made in Christ. I will never go back!

All that written to say this one thing, "Contentment is only found in the christian life". No man without Christ can have real contentment. Contentment only comes through a life made complete by Christ Jesus. Contentment is found when you know you're His and He takes care of you. You trust Him. You delight in Him. The contented life in Christ has no desire to go back to the old life of emptiness and void. Old things are passed away and the new life took over. Contentment is found after Christ takes over your heart and life. You're a new man! Isn't that beautiful? Contentment comes from being happy in Jesus. Praising God is sign that you are contented. I'm content! I'm filled! I'm blessed! Thank You Jesus. He revived me! I'm restored! I'm content. I don't get happy to be content. I found contentment and contentment in Christ keeps me happy.

Christ will do it for you. Isn't that beautiful? Real contentment is "found" in Christ Jesus. Christ will do it for you. Contentment is only found in the person of Christ. A contented life in Christ will never desire to go back to the old life. Isn't that beautiful?

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