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The Grace of God defined in the Holy Scriptures...King James Version

The Grace of God is the nucleus of our Salvation, our holiness of conduct, and our Eternal life. Many new and modern translations of the Bible take the meaning of Divine Grace which is an operation of God and mix it with human works. This is contrary to true meaning and Biblical definition of the Grace of God that redeems the human soul from sin and death, produces a heart of holiness and right living, and gives the believer a life of contentment that can be found in no other place on planet Earth.

The Grace of God is the activity of God that redeems the soul of man from an unholy state of being to a holy state of being. The activity of God is not to be mixed up with the activity of man. Divine Grace morally changes the make up of man inwardly. If man could do it himself he wouldn't need Christ. Divine Grace is what God does and has nothing to do with human effort whatsoever. Biblical Grace is an action word not to be mixed with human effort in any respect.

Strongs concordance says God's Grace is a divine influence upon the heart of man that is reflected in that life.

The Bible says we are saved by Grace not of works lest any man should boast. The Grace of God flows from Calvary is received by men and women that trust Christ's suffering and death alone for personal forgiveness for their sins. Forgiveness of sins and holiness of chartacter is a product of God's Divine Grace that cleanses the heart from all unrighteouness and teaches a man how to live, act, and behave. This Grace I am writing about is a blessing from God granted to every believing heart on this planet. This Grace is to be accepted and held on to, firmly, every day of our existence in Christ. This Grace is what saves us and changes us morally!

Concerning what translation you use? Let me say this. There are words such as the following that are not to be confused or misunderstood...

Remission of sins

All of the above words are common language in the King James Version of the Bible. All the above words pertain to the Grace of God...or what God does in the heart of man. I stress the point these words make no reference to what man does in any respect. The King James Version of the Bible did not take away from the meaning of Divine Grace that's reflected in the above words and/or many other words not mentioned in this Blog. Some of our modern translations have mixed human effort into the use of these terms which takes away from what God does, by mixing in human effort, human advancement, or human achievement. Even the Blood of Christ which is the basis for our redemption and forgiveness is taken out of use in many modern translations if you care to check. I have personally researched this topic for 23 years and found this to be very, very true and deceiving to the modern religious world. Here's the simplicity of it all...

The word "redemption" is what God does through the sacrifice of Christ.
The "remission of sins" is what God does in your personal forgiveness.
"Regeneration" is what God does through the work of His Holy Spirit.
"Renewal" is what God does after He sanctifies your heart.
"Justification" a down payment of Salvation is what God does.
"Sanctification" a completed work of Salvation is what God does.
"Perfection" is what God does after sanctification...and has nothing to do with human works.
"Grace" The operation of God that morally changes the human soul

All the above words are based on what Christ did at Calvary or what He's doing presently from the Throneroom. All the above words are simple to understand if you keep human works out of the picture. I have learned the language of the Bible and even learned to how to read myself from this type of teaching and understanding. Why? God is behind it "Full Throttle" with His dunamis power that flows from Calvary. I have taught others this concept who could not to read...and God blessed them richly. Glory! Yes my brothers and sisters God teaches us how to read if we just learn and undertand what His Divine Grace really is ...the rest just falls into place.

I urge all of you to learn and study from the King James Version of the Bible because it keeps the Grace of God where the Grace of God belongs in the believers life. It keeps man out of the picture and vividly teaches what Christ did and what Christ is doing right now from the Throneroom. These few Biblical words I used above are easy to learn and understand if we just concentrate on what the Grace of God really is.

I admit these words are not commonly used today but if they are learned in their proper context...they all will simply reflect the power of the Grace of God that brings the lost world... Salvation of the soul. To take these words out of the Bible and to substitute them takes away from the meaning of Biblical terminlogy brought out in the King James Version. God bless you all for your servanthood to Christ. God Bless Mr. Abela for his devotion to his Blog for Christ and that people. Father God, "Thank you for keeping your hand on us all through faith and trust in the sacrifice of Christ for personal forgiveness". Enlighten us to your Grace and the meaning of your Biblical terminology that pertains to Grace. Make it clear in our hearts and thinking.

Titus 2:11-14...For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

Keep your eyes on Christ and the truth of the Holy Scripture. Glory!

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