Monday, July 19, 2010

A family member needs your prayer of faith...

Life is moving fast just look around. The pressures of life are rising. Disease is taking its toll everywhere I look. Drugs and alcohol are rampant around the world. The enemy is having a fielday...when Christ is left out of the picture.

I have a certain family member (Brad Louderbach) that needs the prayers of the righteous. This person needs the intervention of Christ and that can come by your prayer of faith. I trust your prayers. I believe God honors the prayer of the righteous and there are many righteous that come to this Blog (God knows). My wife reminded me of the need for prayer, just today. I send out this cry for help because I know there are righteous people out there who come to this Blog and we need your prayers. I ask humbly that you would join my wife and I in prayer for young Bradley (21)who needs God's healing and restoring power. This preacher and Mrs. Roehm will join together with you in unison as we all wait together on the hand of God to reach down and touch and heal. Let's believe together for God to perform a miracle with young Bradley Louderbach!

I write these words without trying to dwell on the problems of life. I am however; dwelling on the problem solver, Christ...who hears the prayers of the saint and meets the needs of our life. My intent is to magnify the Lord of Glory...Jesus Christ who is a miracle worker. What prompted me to write this Blog and ask for your prayers is my concerned wife "Paula" who is very much moved by these many adverse conditions in life that we experience. My wife's heart longs for this family member to have that need met in that physical body and that life. It' s a critical situation that needs the miracle working hand of God. It's a nephew that was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident in past days.

Bradley needs your prayers. This preacher is asking on Brad's behalf. We need God's miracle healing touch. Please pray with us and I will keep you informed on the outcome. Please join us at the Churches on Trial, the Upper Room, and the personal life of the Rick Roehm family that God would meet the need in young Bradley's life and body.

God bless you all for your consideration and heartfelt prayers,

James 5:16...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging, enriched words of kindess and cocern during these troubling times The Lord is rejoicing!!!!! Thanks be to God for the comfort, and healing powers that he provides during these life changing situations. As I thank my Father in Heaven for securing the situation I also want to thank my father for his prayer on behalf of the family. Thanks dad for lifting Brad up in prayer, and thanks to all the people praying for the healing power of God to mend this situation. The rich and encouraging words of prayer and wisdom blesses all who believe and all who have Faith in the power of God in our present lives. Glory be to God!!!!!!