Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why is this Blog named, "The Churches on Trial?"

Originally the Churches on Trial was a radio broadcast that aired in Detroit Mi. in the 1980's. Dr. Hubert Lindsey took call in questions from real life experiences and answered them from the Bible perspective. Brother Lindsey a Theologian with a Spirit led heart of compassion was able to minister truth, love, and understanding to those who called in for Biblical clarification. This writer was among those who were honored to have learned an enough Bible Truth from Brother Lindsey's teaching to be able to stand fast in a world of obstacles, confusion, pressures, and so many things that seem to upset the child of God in 2010.

Formerly called the "Walking Bible" Brother Lindsey with his great memory of the Bible was able to quote scripture and to answer just about any question that anyone would ask! How blessed this writer was to be able listen to those live broadcasts, take notes, and develop a well rounded understanding of God's Word. One of the most blessed things I ever received from that ministry was how to rightly divide the Word of God. Brother Lindsey hammered that focus to everyone that he preached to because he knew the importance of understanding the way the Bible was written and the way it needed to be learned. Brother Lindsey was so grieved with the most popular and erroneous doctrines that run rampant in the mainstream today.

It is of great importance to mention this one last thing that Brother Lindsey taught that must be emphasized at this Blog dedicated to him. Brother Lindsey did not stop his message at Calvary. Brother Lindsey preached about a resurrected Saviour and the victory that comes with knowing the power of a resurrected Christ. This message that is not taught enough today is what prompted this writer to start this Blog that also puts many Churches on Trial!

Hope this Blog blesses you the reader as much as it does this writer! May the Lord Jesus who is behind this ministry use this Blog to touch hearts and lives with much of the knowledge that Brother Lindsey left behind for us. Brother Lindsey told me personally before he died to scatter this material. God has used this Blog. I also publish this material at The Internet is taking this stuff all across the world. Glory!

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