Monday, November 30, 2015

Before Holy Hubert Lindsey died...

Hubert Lindsey and I conversed quite often before he passed. We discussed the audio ministry and books (The Kingdom Series) Brother Lindsey left behind. I asked him what to do with all this material and his exact words were, "Scatter it". So that's what I do for the cause of Christ! I have recorded, copied, transposed the cassettes and Radio Broadcasts, and many Church Services to CD format. Today they are uploaded to the Internet for you.

This lifetime of Theology and wealth of knowledge... by the Internet is going to the four corners of the Earth. Brother Lindsey wanted this stuff scattered everywhere, but he never knew (nor did I) about the Internet and the value it has scattering this material for Christ around the World. God's hand is in on this endeavor! I told Brother Lindsey personally before he died that I would spend all my days on planet Earth continuing what he had already started for Christ.

Google is making that quest possible as these words are written. Glory to the Living Christ! Hallelujah!

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