Friday, April 2, 2010

Test your faith...

Is the actual experience and testimony of the child of God different today, than it was during the period of New Testament writings? The answer is "No"...same Christ...same Spirit.

Is the Church, the body of Christ the same today as it was 2010 years ago? "Yes".

Are we likewise members of the same body of Christ as the early Apostles? "Yes"

Were the Apostles Paul, Peter, James, and John different than present day Christian’s or vice versa? No...same Christ...same Spirit.

Can a Christian live without sin in this present world of modern distraction’s unlike distraction’s during the first century? Sinful conduct separates man from Christ. So can a Christian live without sin? Yes!

Should present Christian lifestyle be in line with lives of men who wrote the records of the Christian experience after the death and ascension of Christ? Same Christ...same Spirit!

Should Christianity be the same today as it was in the early Church? "Yes"

What kept men of God during the early church in harmony with Christ’s death, burial, resurrection, and ascension? Faith, obedience, and the power of God's Salvation in the heart and life.

Why were men obedient to Christ back then? The same reason they are obedient today...belief is outflow of Calvary in the heart of a believer in Christ.

Was it mere faith; the work of the Spirit; or a combination of both? Faith keeps the Holy Spirit present obedience flows from our faith in Christ.

At present should a Christian’s faith and obedience to Christ be different than a Christian’s faith and obedience was to Christ during the first century? "If it is something is wrong in your heart".

Why were New Testament writer's (after the death of Christ) in subjection to an ascended Christ? Complete subjection to Christ in the Throneroom came from heartfelt faith in an invisible God. Faith comes by hearing about Christ in the Scriptures.

Should a child of God behave differently today, 2010 years since Christ’s ascension? Same Church, same Spirit, same obedience. Holiness is the sacred theme of the Bible.

What compelled New Testament writers to endure temptation? The power of God that made believers "over comers" and "victorious". More than conquerors! Glory!

Why did the writers of New Testament Epistles instruct believers to depart from sin? Sin separates man from Salvation. The Bible teaches men to stay in Christ...their whole life.

What made men over comers to worldly deception and snares that came from the wicked one? A completely sanctified heart which comes only by the experience of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire.

What gave those men of God the ability to resist the Devil? Faith and total trust in Christ and His redemptive work on the cross!

Should we experience and testify to this same victory? Absolutely!

Is the power of Christ given to us today, as it was to them 2010 years ago? Same Christ, same Spirit, same Church.

Is the power of Christ different in 2010 than during the first century? Absolutely not! Christ still performs miracles today. This writer is one of those miracles. So are you if your heart and life has been changed by the power of God's Divine Grace.

Does the power of God’s Grace written about in New Testament Epistles apply to present day Christians? Same Grace! We are not under the Law of Moses whatsoever!

What keeps men of God sensitive, aware, and conscious, to the Holy Spirit’s presence? Full attention on Christ!Consciousness to His saving presence.

Did the Apostles at the Early Church compromise truth revealed in their hearts, to abstain from sin? They were holy men of God! Holy men never compromise the truth.

What compelled them to testify and write about a moral change experienced through the power of a living Christ? Divine revelation, the power of the Holy Spirit's witness.

Is this same power available today? That's the beautiful thing about the body of's here "Now" until the Rapture...which is the Churches escape from the Judgement and Wrath of God in the Great Tribulation!

Should our personal experience and testimony be the same as believer’s experienced and testified during and after the First Century? If it's not your heart is not clean! Same Spirit...same Christ..same Grace.

Be truthful with yourself. If you don’t know the answers… study your Bible or contact this Blog for answers. We care! If you do know the answers…put them in action for the cause of Christ. Knowing the terror of the Lord...we persuade men to Christ. Win the lost! Be and example! Glory to Christ who lives!

Did you pass the test?

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