Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday highlights!

I'm glad Brother Hubert Lindsey left behind his beautiful stance for holiness to follow in 2010. Brother Lindsey, his radio broadcast, his hundred's of recorded teaching audio's, his personal ministry, and his text books (The Kingdom Series) were truely the frontrunner and basis for this Blog for Christ! It's working for Christ right now as you read!

The Churches on Trial...Blog now has a "new" archive section (below left) that allows you to review titles from "Old Blogs" for further study and research! Alot goes into this Blog for the cause of Christ! Brother Lindsey left that does this preacher!

Our intent is to help people to base their faith on Bible Truth! We desire to help people to recognize (everyday, every minute) the presence of Christ in their a perverse and evil world that surrounds us. What a testimony for Christ! Holiness and victory in 2010! Glory!

Brother Lindsey set a standard for teaching the true Gospel, rightly dividing the scriptures between Law and Grace, living holy, and showing the necessity of understanding the sanctifying power of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire.

With all my heart I give my carry on what Brother Lindsey left behind! Don't forget the Blog Archives section (bottom left of homepage) for the NEW REVISED AND UPDATED TTTLED SECTION OF THIS BLOG!

I'm thankful for the Upper Room! Service tonight at 7:00PM! It's a New Testament Church! Ordained by God for the cause of Christ! We know Christ changes man morally! Christ delivers men from sin! Christ meets every need of our lives! How beautiful it is to go the Upper Room to learn the Bible and get stirred in the Spirit to recognize the presence of Christ in everyday living.

With Love,

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