Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Churches on Trial does not use the Bible to "entertain" the mind...

To entertain the mind with the Bible comes from mixing up, spiritualizing, and taking the Bible from its proper context. Using the Bible to entertain the mind is a very dangerous concept and can lead any convert to a frustrated faith over a period of time. Biblical entertainment of the mind offers no foundational backing, no right division, and causes future confusion for the new convert in Christ. Confusion has frustrated the faith of many new converts for centuries as the truth of the Bible is missed and the Devil has his way in the religious world.

Right division of the Word of God does not entertain the mind! The intent of the Bible is not to entertain the mind ...but to confirm the truth about Christ! Who He was in Creation..Who he was during His earthly ministry...What He done at Calvary...Who He is now...and what He's going to do in the future.

Right division of the Bible makes distinction between Law given to Israel and Grace given to the Church now. Right division makes the distinction between the Kingdom of Heaven message to Israel during Christ's earthly ministry...and the Gospel message today in the Church, the body of Christ. This kind of truth is not entertaining! It's Bible Truth and fulfillment of prophecy. Right division of the four Gospels takes out much of the modern day entertainment of the mind and gets to the core truth of the Holy Scriptures! Here's a few examples.

Right division of living holy under Grace is different than living holy under the Law of Moses! To go back to the days of Christ, under the teachings of Christ would put you under Law of Moses...because Christ taught the Law of Moses! Right division of the Word does not put the Church under the teachings of puts the Church under the teachings of Grace now...where the Holy Spirit regenerates, sanctifies, and leads the believer in Christ. All the Epistles teach such doctrine! This is the doctrine if the New Testament! The New Testament began at the death of a Saviour. The birth, life, and ministry of Christ was under the Old Covenant of the Law of Moses. The Grace covenant had not began yet...and the Church had not been birthed yet! Many today are taught or find it entertaining to take these teachings in the four Gospels and run them into the Church Now. This kind of doctrine is dangerous and has plagued society for centuries.

When this kind of right division is brought to peoples attention...there is no entertainment to the mind, no spiritualization, or no emotionalism formed as a basis for faith. This leaves no room for confusion to seep in...that has led many to a frustrated a faith in Christ. When Scriptures are rightly divided they can be built upon for a lifetime. Heartfelt faith is built! Heartfelt Faith is grown! Heartfelt Faith is added to! Faith is not entertaining it is substance to the soul of a believer in Christ! It lasts for Eternity! It offers a relationship that has been prophetically recorded since the first Promise of a Saviour in Genesis 3:15.

There is no entertainment to the mind when confirmation is found in rightly dividing the truth. This type of confirmation is found in the heart and soul and fortified by the truth of rightly dividing the Holy Scriptures! Right division does not entertain the magnifies Christ, the Father, and the Holy Ghost in the prophetic truth of the Scriptures. Law has its place, Grace has its place. The four Gospels have their place, the New Testament has it's place. The Old Testament has its place, the New Testament has its place. The Kingdom of God has it's place the Kingdom of Heaven has its place. All have a certain place!


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