Sunday, December 21, 2014

When people "get to" Christ...things happen!

It is urgent that I speak to people about getting to Christ at Calvary and reaching Him with the heart and soul through belief. Why? Something happens to the heart and soul of a believer when man "finds" redemption through the power of Christ! Forgiveness is found within the soul of sinful man through belief! Not because this man asked or was sorry..but because Christ loved him enough as a sinner that he would die with a willingness to be crucified. Jesus desires and wants to deliver all men from their evil, wretched, and sinful condition in life...but not solely because they are sorry or they ask...but... because they "believe" and "trust" in what He did for them personally at the Cross at Calvary. Something happens when man turns to Christ's death alone for forgiveness! A sinful man thus becomes "through" with the old lusts . Something happens because a sinner finds power to do right through the death of a Saviour on the cross! People need to find personal forgiveness at Calvary! They need to find personal deliverance from lust and sensuality. They find Mercy and Grace when they connect to a Saviour's love and holiness. When they find Christ and His miracle pardon over their old conversation...they will be through with the old life of lust, through with the old life of sensuality, and through with the old life of dirty living. They willfully "quit" their meanness because Christ changes them morally by the exceeding riches of His Grace! Glory to Christ! Glory to Christ! Glory to Christ!

...through this man (Christ) is preached the forgiveness of sins...Acts 13:38, 39 whom we have redemption, ever the forgiveness of sins...Eph. 1:7, Col. 1:14

Why? The exceeding riches of God's Grace...

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