Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Walk in Williamsburg...presented by the Upper Room

Every year my wife Paula does the Christmas light ritual in Williamsburg, Ohio at the Roehm residence. This year was a little different as we at the Upper Room put "Christ" into the picture...both literally and spirtually! The following audio/video was our contribution to the village of Williamsburg and now to the world as we publish this audio/video on the Internet. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of you richly this Holiday Season Christ truely, is the "only reason" for the Season.

Seasons Greetings from the Upper Room, The Churches on Trial, the Roehm family, Jimmie and Grace, and all of our dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ that worked with us on this blessed project!

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  1. Rick! This is Mike Lewthwaite. You may not remember me. I was in Milan. You and Mario helped me much. I am in the race and pressing on. I would love to heare from you! Please email me if you get a chance. I remember you were the only one who stood fast for victory over sin you sat and taught me noun and verb sin. Maybe you will remember when we speak :) Are you in touch with Mario? Hope to hear from you soon! God be with you.