Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why they called him, "Holy Hubert"

On the audio player found on the link below if you scroll down to the audio titled, "The baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire" find a testimony for Christ given by Brother Lindsey. This testimony was about the turning point in Brother Lindsey's life and ministry that stemmed from the experience of entire sanctification through the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire.

Brother Lindsey was a Baptist for 35 years but when the Holy Spirit came upon him in that little Methodist Church...his heart, life, and ministry for Christ was changed forever. The heart and life of holiness that came from that baptism that night led Brother Lindsey into a conviction that swayed and rocked the world for the remainder of his years in the ministry. Holy Hubert found out His "whole" theology was also changed that God showed him he could be delivered from the Adamic life. This was contrary to the Baptist Theology! Everything he knew and taught for 35 years went down the drain when Christ "filled" him. Hubert Lindsey realized where he missed it after 35 years! He openly confessed and admitted to God he was wrong! He became dust at the Savior's feet. Christ "Baptized" him that night and revolutionized his ministry for the duration of his years on planet earth! That's only another reason why they called him , "Holy Hubert". By the Grace of God this writers hopes to publicize "all" of Holy Hubert's timeless teachings on the truth about holiness and pure Christian living in 2009. God bless and much more to come...

Hope you enjoy "The Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire" audio in the player below.

Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire

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