Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The living Christ we serve is blessing this ministry...richly! How? We are reaching hearts and lives for Him! Glory!

In February 2009 God opened the doors for this Internet ministry on Google to publish the timeless sermons of Brother Hubert Lindsey known by many as "Holy Hubert". This minstry began 18 years ago when Brother Howard Aschenbrenner handed this writer a complete audio library of the Reverend Hubert Lindsey. It contained sermons from the past, the Churches on Trial radio broadcast during the late 80's, and many sermons recorded at the Church at Birmingham Michigan where Brother Lindsey was Pastor and Apostle.

Since September 2009 another door has been opened for this writer to personally publish his own audio ministry for Christ at . The Internet portion of this ministry was started by a dear brother from the Upper Room by the name of James Allen. This "new" minstry is a part of the ministry that coincides with the New Testament teachings of Brother Lindsey. This ministry is a part of the ministry for Christ that spawned from Brother Lindsey's ministry where this writer was personally tutored by the teachings of Brother Lindsey. The origin of this Internet ministry contains our present tense teaching and preaching at the Upper Room. The latest teachings are recorded sometimes twice weekly on a small audio recorder that was brought to my attention by my dear Brother Jim Denton, a pastor in Pontiac Michigan.

Wow! Christ is working through us in Williamsburg Ohio! On the Internet too! We're busy like bees spreading the truth of God's Word and God has opened the doors! The Christ we preach is alive and meeting needs...right now in the present tense! Glory to the name of Christ! His hand is on us! We are servants for Him! God Bless you all! Thanks for coming to the Churches on Trial... and at where Brother Allen is publishing both Rick Roehm and Hubert Lindsey audios.

Here's a nice clean link straight to the sermon index player without any hit counter. Either link works fine.

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