Monday, October 5, 2009

The Beatitudes (audio)

This audio was a blessing from God and was originally made to send to a dear brother in Christ in Medellin, Columbia. His name is Mario Tapias. God Bless Brother Mario, Eliza, and family.

The process of this recording was also furthered by a dear Brother from the Upper Room, James Allen who also publicizes Brother Lindsey's preaching material at . Just open link and click on "Sermon player" and you will find an excellent list of preaching material.

This writer preached the sermon titled, "The Beatitudes" but accidentally hit the pause button before the sermon completed. By the Grace of God we did however capture the depth of the message within its 42 minute content. All in all, this message is a God-sent and so is this Christian Blog which permits Rick Roehm to carry this blessed and true Gospel message outside the four wall's of the Upper Room in Williamsburg Ohio.

Please take time to experience this audio and video on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as God ministers His Spirit and confirms His Word of truth to your heart and soul.

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