Saturday, May 23, 2015

A small little history behind the "Churches on Trial"

The "Churches on Trial" radio broadcast aired in the 1980's and was a scriptural based program that stayed in line with the truth of the Holy Scriptures. Brother Lindsey's vast knowledge of the Bible kept the call in questions directly related to the holy standards of the Bible. The "Churches on Trial" allowed Brother Lindsey to live up to his nickname, "The Walking Bible". This radio broadcast of Biblical questions and answers (on the local level) put many "Churches on Trial".

Man's opinions were not used or allowed on this broadcast. Traditional teachings were uprooted and exposed in light of the Holy Scriptures. The imaginations and philosophies of men were undermined by the truth of the Bible. Humanism and politics were taken out of the religious limelight. True Christianity was taught... rather than religion. Why?... How? ...The person of Christ was magnified from the Old Testament prophecies; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John revealed Christ's Kingdom message that was ministered to Israel; and New Testament records showed the affectual power of God's Grace that changes the moral make-up of man. Brother Lindsey didn't use his Biblical knowledge to undermine the caller...he simply discerned the question and ministered truth. When I speak of truth I simply speak of the Word of God and the Spirit of truth!

The Churches on Trial made Christianity real and alive because the person of Christ was it's central focal point. Brother Lindsey allowed no room for Spiritual principles or spirtual concepts because the Grace of God was taught powerfully and beautifully in line with the Bible. The Bible calls this Divine Grace I speak of, "Great Grace". As a matter of fact it's the Grace of God that changed this writer form this Blog...for the edification of others. That's why I also titled this Blog, "The Churches on Trial". Bible Truth sometimes put the local Churches on Trial.

Biblical knowledge brings responsibility to the Christian. The Churches on Trial provided and still provides vast Biblical knowledge. The radio broadcast enlightened people to Christ, the Bible, and the Gospel does this Blog! Brother Lindsey paved the way through his endeavors telling the world about Christ! By the Grace of God this writer follows Brother Lindsey as as he followed Christ! That's why I preserve Brother Lindsey's audios which many are posted at this site. That's why I publish Brother Lindsey's material on this Blog. There are many audios posted at this Blog and many, many, more to come as God allows.

Check out the audios already posted! Give us some input! Spread the Word of Truth! Help people to be enlightened to the person of Christ! We love you! God Bless! Have a good week! Glorify God in your body and Spirit!

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