Friday, September 25, 2015

Note from Rick Roehm of this blog

For numerous years I've studied under the teachings of Brother Hubert Lindsey...(20 to be exact). I have the first set of notes  I compiled from his teaching audios back in 1988.

For the past 15 years I've been writing treatise for the cause of Christ of which I now have 58... that I use for the publication on this blog and through a personal ministry for Christ.

I have compiled 13 Gospel tracts and built a Church in Williamsburg, Ohio where we meet on a local level twice weekly. Christ is the Head as I endeavor to carry out the four-fold ministry per Ephesians 4.

God placed me into the ministry in 1988.

The writings I use at the Churches on Trial - when not posting Brother Lindsey's material - are my own writings. God allowed me to compile these writing as a disciple under Brother Hubert Lindsey and his office as an Apostle.

All work done is with joy and honor to a living Christ.

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