Monday, June 8, 2009

Hubert Lindsey (audios)

As I have endeavored to carry on Brother Lindsey's ministry... at present 20 audios are posted at this Blog. These recordings include much depth from the Bible...especially matters that pertain to making the distinction between Law given to Israel and Grace given to the Church.

Other teaching audios cover subjects such as Tithing, the security of the Believer, why Christians are not carnal, Original Sin, etc.

Certain audios speak of Brother Lindsey's early years in the ministry throughout his years of preaching on the West coast in the Berkeley campus setting and in the open air for the cause of Christ. Some even pertain to his Apostleship at the Church at Birmingham Mi.

I have years of work to do to continue posting this material to the Brother Lindsey requested before he died. The Internet has opened doors to continue this ministry. Brother Lindsey smiles from Heaven everyday as these timeless messages continue to bring life to all the hearers.

I do this work with joy in Christ... to bring honor to God...and to carry on the Apostles doctrine... that was not only preserved on audios but written in the tables of this writers heart.

There will be more audios coming and much knowledge shared at this Blog for Christ. May it bless you the reader as much as it does this writer to continue what God started through Brother Lindsey's ministry and what is left behind for "us" to carry on until Christ comes to Rapture His Church.

Many blessings! More Hubert Lindsey audio teachings and testimonies coming!

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